Team / Frida Krafft · Viviana Bakshi
Gustaf Furusten · Natalia Murobha
Ekaterina Pchelnikova · Jonathan Kjell

Role / Design & Direction

Type / Identity Design


Esther's is a new social platform for home and interior design, where users can discover and share inspiration with each other. You can also shop what you see in the pictures. The two founders Anna and Malin wanted a fresh brand identity including guiding principles and go-to-market ideas for SoMe. Since interior design often have a certain glam to it's name and is not very inclusive, the challange we set out to solve were to create a sense of community and inclusivness.

With this in mind, we designed a rahter neutral identity with mild colors and a modest typography — instead letting the logotype be the trademark. The imagery should represent a home rather than a styled object.

We formulated a principle — "A Home for Homes" — to guide us towards our desired tone of voice in the creative proccess.


Design Lead Hyper Island

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