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Hedvig is an insurance company founded in Sweden in 2017. They create an insurance experience by having it right at the user’s fingertips. Hedvig provides the user with an app and a one-thread chat where they can create a claim by sending Hedvig a voice message in the chat. Usually, it only takes a couple of minutes for Hedvig’s team to get back to the user.

The Problem

Users didn't know if the claim was created and where to follow its status. The users didn't know at which step they were in the process. There were too many interactions between the user and the insurance team.
The users created duplicate claims.

Current Flow

This is what Hedvig's current proccess of making a claim looks like. The rapid handling time of making a claim is undeniable — as stated above this isn't enough for the Hedvig user.


Research and Solutions

Methods we used for research were desk research where we looked at competitors, user testing the current app and interviews.

We found that Hedvig gave their customers too little information that lead them to be confused and frustrated.

Our first design solution ended up giving the user too many choices of interaction and information which led the user too once again feel confused and frustrated.

So, we had to design something with enough balance of simplicity and comprehensiveness.


Read Reciepts and Typing indicators

We found that the users want to know when it is their turn to talk, the same as when they're talking to a human.


Progress Bar

We created and added a progress bar to the homepage for the user to be able to track their claim process. It’s a great way to calm the users and a possibility for them to get an impression of when their claim will be settled.


Archived Claims

As getting lost in the one-thread-chat were an evident issue, we created an archive under the user’s profile page. This gives the user the power to access more information and gives them the freedom to easily revisit their old claims.


Your History

In their old claims, the users get a clear overview of the payout calculation, their sent attachments, and the chat transcript to find their old information.

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